NEW KG4 Available Now!

We're pleased to announce the availability of KG4. This formulation features a delicious citrus orchard flavor with ALL-NATURAL sweeteners and contains the same cutting-edge proprietary blends as KetoGen4. KG4's exclusive formula helps YOU reach the optimal state of ketosis—BURNING FAT for FUEL.

What to expect from KG4:

  • Aids in fat burning, energy production, appetite control, and mental clarity
  • An immediate source of exogenous ketones
  • Provides vital nutrients
  • Puts you in the optimal state of ketosis
  • Ensures you feel your absolute best*


  • Distributor: $109 CV: 70 QV: 80
  • Pref. Customer (Autoship): $129.99 CV: 50 QV: 50 Retail Bonus: $15
  • Customer: $149.99 CV: 50 QV: 50 Retail Bonus: $25