As a Distributor, you get the absolute lowest prices available!  Plus, you have the option of earning commissions by sharing this product with others (although you are not required to).

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Autoship Customer

As a Preferred Customer, you save $20 (per order) by getting the reduced Retail Customer price.  All you have to do is simply enroll in monthly autoship.  And yes, you can cancel at any time!

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Retail Customer

As a Retail Customer, all you have do is place an order.  It's that simple!  For $169.99, you get 1 bottle of the SOMADERM HGH Gel (a 1 - 2 month supply).

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Why enroll as a distributor?

First, you get the absolute lowest prices possible!  Every time you order a bottle, you save $29.99 off the retail customer price.  For just $140 you get 1 bottle (a 1 - 2 month supply) of the SOMADERM Transdermal HGH Gel.  You also have the option (when enrolling) of getting the 8 bottle Executive Pack for just $999.99 ($124.88 per bottle).  That's a total savings of $359.93!  Or, you can get the 4 bottle Pro Pack for just $499.99!


As a Distributor, am I required to order every month?

Absolutely NOT!  Although autoship is definitely available at the $140.00 (per bottle) price, you are not required to  opt in unless you want to.  But we're pretty sure you'll want to!


What's so special about being a Distributor?

Besides, the lowest prices possible, as a distributor, you have the option of earning weekly commissions by simply sharing this product (that you already use and love) with others.  Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to build & grow a weekly residual income from recurring orders from customers & distributors under you.  The income earning potential as a distributor with New U Life's SOMADERM Gel is unlimited and this is the best time to get your foot in the door and get in on the ground floor of a growing company!  Our team is growing like wildfire and we’d love to partner with you and help you start earning an income today!  Learn more about the compensation plan...

Am I required to enroll new people under me as a distributor?

Absolutely NOT!  Although, it is a great way to get your products paid for.  Or even earn and income if you choose to do so.  But you are not required to.


What does it cost to be a Distributor?

You simply pay a one-time annual fee of $59.99.  And since you're already saving $29.99 over the retail price, why not pay a little more and lock in that annual savings?  You will pay yourself back in no time flat!  Other than that, there’s no hidden costs, fees, ect.


Am I going to get pressured into some Network Marking BS?

Nope.  Simple as that.  We're pumped to have you join us and we will go out of our way to support you, keep you up-to-date, get you plugged in & help you every step of the way.  But, by no means are we out to pressure you into something you don't want to do!


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Preferred Autoship Customer

Why order as a Preferred Autoship Customer?

Because, you save $20 off the retail customer price!  For $149.99 you get 1 bottle (a 1 - 2 month supply) of the SOMADERM Transdermal Gel.  And, you are locked into that price as long as you stay on autoship.  Plus, you're almost guaranteed to never run out!  All you have to do is place your first order as autoship and you're automatically enrolled!


Does it cost to be a Preferred Customer?



Can I cancel anytime I want?



Can I choose my autoship date?

Yep!  Autoship is extremely flexible and you have the option to change the shipping date to meet your specific needs.


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