New U Life's SOMADERM™ HGH Gel & KetoGenesis4™ Reviews


Natalie - New U Life's SOMADERM HGH Gel Review

After 4 years of adrenal fatigue, hormone issues, thyroid disease and sleepless nights, I had researched and tried many unconventional remedies.  My experience with the gel in just 2 months has been amazing!  Some of the more immediate things I have noticed are:
- Sleeping through the night without getting up multiple times to use the restroom.
- Significant increase in energy during the day and during workouts.
- Easier menstrual cycle - ZERO bloating, no cramping or lower back discomfort and lighter flow.  I have pelvic congestion syndrome so not having abdominal discomfort from this is huge.
- Mental clarity and weight loss!


Jane - New U Life's SOMADERM HGH Gel Review

Now that I have been using the gel for several weeks, I don’t want to even not be using it. I have deeper sleep, more energy and even better mood. I look forward to feeling and seeing the other benefits in the near future!


Emily - New U Life's SOMADERM HGH Gel Review

I think I was the last person to jump on board some network marketing product or "MLM" because I think it gets a bad rap...  But when this product was introduced to me, I knew the opportunity was there being a BRAND new company, but I really needed to sit back and MAKE SURE the product worked!!! NIGHT ONE = SLEEPING like a baby, and have been ever since! I would say about 3 weeks in I noticed that my mood was up, and energy levels were definitely at a constant all day long!! Not like a cup of coffee but more ALL day long energy until bedtime, a NATURAL energy!! THIS mom of 3 needs that!! I can work all day, help with homework, cook dinner, still jump on calls and then go to bed (and sleep soundly). Now I wake up and hardly drink any coffee - who needs it! Month 2 - I really started seeing more results.. LOST 7 LBS! !! Plus getting more muscle definition!! Also my pony tail is twice as thick!! I needed this, as with thyroid issues over the last 6 years my hair had been falling out in droves!!! PLUS as someone who has suffered from hormonal migraines at least twice a month, I haven’t had a headache since Jan !!!! This in itself is a miracle... My neurologist couldn't even believe it... My blood sugar is more balanced, I have had no aches and pains, my skin looks better, more even, my nails have less ridges and are stronger!!! I literally feel younger.. i have just turned 40 and I feel 25 again!!!

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